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Apr 2020

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April 29, 2020

An interview with Facial and Vestibular Therapist, Susan Rankin.


Cristina Toso, Michael Ammons


Susan Rankin, Facial and Vestibular Therapist


This episode creates awareness about facial palsy for anyone listening, for those newly diagnosed and for seasoned warriors alike. As seasoned facial palsy warriors who learned a lot about facial palsy over time, Cristina and Michael found some great nuggets in Susan's talk that we would have wanted to know when we were first diagnosed. If you are eager to skip to specific portions of the podcast and come back to others later, below is an outline of questions and their time stamp. To learn more about Susan Rankin, visit her page.

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1:50 Why are we doing this podcast?
3:00 Susan’s background on facial retraining (introduction)
4:15 What is facial paralysis?
4:45 What can facial paralysis feel like (Cristina) when it starts?
6: 00 The structure and function of the facial nerve and facial muscles
8:50 Do facial muscles deteriorate in the same way that other muscles do?
11:55 What causes facial paralysis?
13:18 The difference between a central facial palsy and peripheral facial palsy
13:43 Steroids vs decompression surgery to reduce pressure inside the bony canal
14:14 What is causing the inflammation of the facial nerve?
15:05 What is the difference between Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Bell's Palsy?
18:57 What other conditions can cause facial paralysis?
21:53 What to do in the acute phase of facial palsy
23:00 Steroids and antiviral medications. What should I take?
23:46 How to protect the affected eye
24:31 How to stimulate blood circulation of the facial muscles
24:58 How to maintain symmetry to your face
25:48 More tips about what to do in the acute phase
27:00 What to avoid while we are waiting for facial recovery
28:50 Why should you avoid electrical stimulation?
29:45 Pirate patches - safety precautions
30:25 What about acupuncture or electrical acupuncture?
30:55 What can you expect with healing? How long do I have to wait until I start to heal?

Special thanks to Susan Rankin, Cristina Toso, Michael Ammons, Ilan Livne and Alex Toso-Haaf for your work on this episode and to many others who contributed their ideas for this podcast.

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